Проект расстановки мебели БЕСПЛАТНО!

Why us?

Benefits of working with us

1. We will bring any designer's project to life.

A team of professional designers, planners and installers will realize your every dream. You will be provided with a Personal Manager who will take into account all your wishes.

We can create an interior in any style: from Classics and Vintage to Loft, Modern and High Tech with all the necessary elements and details: furniture, textiles, light and any accessories. You just have to enjoy the result!

2. Warehouse space has more than 8000 sq. m.

A large number of materials and accessories are always available. LDF Egger (Germany) has more than 100 colors, Kronoshpan, Kronostar. Mirror and glass are of any shape and volume. There are 20 profiles for facades. This seriously saves production time, since you do not need to wait for a long delivery of the necessary materials.

3. Extensive work experience with individual projects.

A personal manager is appointed for the project. They reveal all your needs. And then with a team of designers, constructors, planners, and gauges, they realize your ideas. At the same time, all technical documentation is prepared, production is carried out, and then delivery along with the installation. As a result, you get the full realization of your idea!

4. Own production of 7,000 sq. m.

We have large production facilities; this allows us to produce furniture of any complexity in the shortest possible time, and the presence of large storage facilities further increases the speed of our work. As a result, the project becomes more saving in price with shorter production times than the vast majority of competitors!

5. Branches throughout Russia and Latvia.

Design, delivery, and installation throughout Russia and Latvia.

6. The largest selection of materials

We work with a wide variety of materials.  LDF: Egger (Germany), Kronoshpan, Kronostar. MDF: painting, gloss, milling, film. Veneer: tinted, gloss. Plastic. Glossy panels. Glass and Mirror: cutting, decorating and sandblasting.

7. Extensive work experience.

More than 60,000 orders have been completed for more than 18 years from individual products for residential premises to the integrated supply of furniture and interiors for hotels and offices.

8. Full service

We carry out all operations from the initial clarification of needs to the completion of the facility. No need to look for any additional specialists. We will do all the custom-made work.

9. Quality has been tested through years

We guarantee the quality of the produced furniture, as well as all the performed work, and we carry out timely after-sales service.